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Unveiling the Future of Fashion Design: Announcing Collaboration with Haiper AI

The Fashion Innovation Agency and Haiper AI are exploring how Artificial Intelligence can be used to transform static fashion sketches of models/garments into animated videos. Together, we aim to explore a new model of showcasing fashion illustration design for the industry.

Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovation Agency, is a globally recognised authority in cutting-edge technologies and their integration into the creative sectors. “Generative AI is going to empower an entirely new generation of creatives. Tools like sketch to animation will allow for new pipelines, easier iteration and new pathways into the creative industries. It’s incredibly exciting to partner with the outstanding talent at Haiper on such an important project and to further demonstrate the potential of Artificial Intelligence within Fashion.”

Moin Roberts-Islam, Technology & Innovation Manager of Fashion Innovation Agency, finds this trend empowering. He is an innovator at the intersection of fashion and technology, boasting extensive experience in collaborative ventures in these fields. Moin believes that this tool will empower both professional designers and aspiring students to quickly realize their creative concepts, “providing more lifelike visual outputs to accompany their initial designs, potentially leading to new creative directions that would never have been explored otherwise”.


Read about Unveiling the Future of Fashion Design here.

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Vogue x Snapchat: Redefining the Body

Where Design Meets Technology With Matthew Drinkwater

An evening with world renowned expert in emerging technologies, Matthew Drinkwater, as he takes us on a journey into the innovations that will lead the fashion industry into a new era.

From immersive technologies to digital humans, generative AI and beyond, experience an understanding of the myriad of opportunities ahead.

Where Design Meets Technology (



Experiencing Fashion in a 3D World: From Physical to Virtual With The Fashion Innovation Agency

FIA’s Costas Kazantzis and Moin Roberts-Islam host this practical workshop demonstrating how to turn physical fashion garments into digital assets.

Experiencing Fashion in a 3D World: From Physical to Virtual (

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AI & Us: Dressed by Machines


FIA’s Creative Technologist Costas Kazantzis was interviewed as part of Episode 1 of AI & Us: A Dataiku Web SeriesDressed by Machines.’  


“In this episode, we learn how AI and digital transformation may be able to better influence fashion choices, showing how AI can shape a more sustainable, inclusive industry, with less waste.”  


Watch the full episode here

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Tomorrow Insight: Fashion & Technology

Watch this insightful short documentary by Tomorrow about Fashion and Technology, including Matthew Drinkwater, Head of FIA, and other leaders within the digital fashion space. 

Created by Georgina Evans and Tom Zambaz, this digital exploration dives into the worlds of augmented reality, cryptocurrency and digital fashion, to provide insight into the ever-evolving challenges, approaches and methodologies within this new digital renaissance.


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Why Fashion Needs More Imagination When It Comes To Using Artificial Intelligence

FIA’s bespoke AI in Fashion course is featured in Forbes.

20 LCF students volunteered to be part of an 8 week AI course that allowed them to learn Python to write code, gather fashion data, and use it to develop creative fashion solutions and experiences. With no prior coding experience, the students recreated an entire fashion catwalk show using artificial intelligence.

“Initial uses of Artificial Intelligence have focused on quantifiable business needs, which has allowed for start-ups to offer a service to brands… Creativity is much more difficult to quantify and therefore more likely to follow behind.” – Matthew Drinkwater, Head of the Fashion Innovation Agency at London College of Fashion.

Read the full article here: 

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BOF: Fashion’s work-from-home gameplan

Moin Roberts-Islam, Technology Development Manager at Fashion Innovation Agency, is featured in Business of Fashion article considering the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the use of technology within the fashion industry.  

 “This is an important enough situation to create a behavioural change in the industry.”– Moin Roberts-Islam, FIA 

Read the full article here: https://www.Businessoffashion.Com/articles/professional/fashions-work-from-home-gameplan