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Collaboration drives innovation. Creativity fashions change.

The Fashion Innovation Agency collaborates with innovators from within and beyond the fashion industry to understand the potential for fashion's future in an ever-growing digital world.

From SMEs to large corporations, designers and researchers, we are building a network that can support and inspire future designers and retailers to look beyond traditional fashion systems.

Collaborative Partners

We’re proud to be able to work with global fashion and tech organisations

headshot of virtual avatar in virtual environmnent

“Partnering with FIA was an amazing experience, they sit at the intersection of fashion and technology and we loved leaning on their expertise to help create a first of its kind virtual reality fashion show - The Fabric of Reality. FIA were able to connect us with extremely high level, tech savvy fashion designers and industry experts to realise our concept.”

Sam Field, Head of Creative Tech EMEA, RYOT Studio

“As a young brand, we are thrilled to be involved with this at such an early stage and be so immersed in the development of augmented reality; our e-commerce platform is such a crucial part of our brand and having this addition will bring it to another level we wouldn’t have been able to imagine possible.“

Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey founders of RIXO London

Lady wearing a Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality device

“It has been amazing to partner with London College of Fashion and their Fashion Innovation Agency, to push the boundaries of how technology can really drive impact and foster alternative creative thinking in fashion. The future of the industry is enrolled here, and we want to empower them to make a purposeful difference — not just now, but also when they enter the industry.”

Maruschka Loubser, Senior Global Marketing Manager, Microsoft.

“As a brand that always questions existing patterns it is a big honour to partner with FIA for the world’s first augmented reality shopping experience. It is important to show the opportunities of fashion and tech collaborations. It is not only revolutionary, but it improves the overall fashion experience for my customers. It is not about throwing away existing patterns, it is about taking approved methods, adding something absolutely innovative and new, mixing it all together and creating something unique that respects the past, but is excited about the future.”

Sabinna Rachimova, founder and designer of SABINNA

CGI real-time augmented scene of Macau on building with presentation stages with models

“What is exciting about this collaboration with London College of Fashion’s Innovation Agency is the opportunity to bring the stories and worlds that have inspired designs to life by exploring augmented live performance as a means of sparking intimate and compelling relationships with the people and characters who inhabit those worlds,”

Vicki Dobbs Beck, ILMxLAB’s executive in charge.

Catwalk show with audience wearing vr headsets

"The agency's desire to accelerate the adoption of new technology within the fashion industry results in groundbreaking collaborations that push the industry forward. It's refreshing to work with a team that is so future-focused."

Solomon Rogers, Founder/CEO of REWIND

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