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Using emerging technologies to take fashion beyond the physical into a new era of digital experiences.

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woman in HoloLens mixed reality headset, Fashion Innovation Agency
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Merging fashion and technology

Technology is breaking down the doors of the fashion industry and seeping into every element of what was a very traditional business model.

The Fashion Innovation Agency uses emerging technologies to disrupt existing practices in the fashion and retail industries.

Our remit is to demonstrate how these technologies can change the way that fashion brands and retailers make, show and sell their collections. With our extensive network within both fashion and technology, we are closing the gap between these industries and accelerating the pace of change. We create projects that continue to inspire and spark imagination by showing what is truly possible when two industries combine.

As part of the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, we are on a mission to rewire the industry and build truly digital designer businesses. The Fashion Innovation Agency invites you to work with us. Get in touch for projects, speaking engagements and workshops.

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Model walking down catwalk in multi-coloured dress for Fyodor Golan SS15 show, Fashion Innovation Agency

Collaboration drives innovation

The Fabric of Reality - An Immersive VR Fashion Show

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VR created dress - The Why Coat by Charli Cohen

Live-Streaming an Augmented Reality Catwalk

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Person using phone to see augmented reality catwalk show, Fashion Innovation Agency

Smartphone Body-Scanning & Digitising Collections

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Blood Brothers, man in printed shirt, Fashion Innovation Agency

Explore new possibilities

Whether you're looking to create a proof of concept or you're interested in using new technologies in your fashion or retail experience, we're here to help

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Our courses and workshops have been specifically created for designer brands, retailers and those who want to find out more about the benefits of immersive technology and artificial intelligence

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