Real-Time Cloth Simulation Experiment #1

Digital Fashion garment within virtual landscape
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Real-Time Cloth Simulation Experiment #1

As part of a series of panel discussions between Verizon Media's RYOT studios and the Fashion Innovation Agency, the group experimented with real-time cloth simulation within a game engine environment.

Digital Fashion garment within virtual landscape
Real-Time Cloth Simulation Experiment - Panel Discussion
The dynamic environment (created in-house by FIA's Creative Technologist using Unreal Engine) allows for real-time changes in the lighting of the scene, causing simultaneous realistic shadows and reflections on the garments and environment.

This experiment is our first demonstration of the potential of real-time digital fashion, showcasing garments created by London College of Fashion graduate, Ashwini Desphande. The garments within the simulation can be changed instantly with the click of a button and seamlessly move and behave realistically in response to the movements of the avatar, in real-time. Throughout the discussion we explore the applications of this technology within a fashion context - from virtual production to real-time collaboration, as well as discussing how the environment was created and how important animation and lighting is for fashion within virtual worlds.

Realtime cloth simulation signals the dawning of a new era for digital fashion, revolutionising applications such as virtual production and virtual try-on. Realistic response of fabric in digital environments will allow brands to create more seamless and meaningful experiences in this realm.

Costas Kazantzis
Creative Technologist
virtual garment in virtual garden environment

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