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Paspertin online kaufen. It's not a bad way for Google to show off its latest Nexus smartphone. The company revealed Tuesday that Nexus 7 is the best-selling Android tablet ever. Google says a "dwindling amount" of customers bought the seven-inch tablet and Google Play accounted for 60 percent of sales. Nexus 7 sales were driven by Google Play, which accounted for 70 percent of total tablet sales, according to the company. Kindle Fire HDX tablet accounted for 20 percent of sales and the original Galaxy Tab 8.9 accounted for 14 percent. Google said that Play sales were "exceeding our expectations." That translates to people trying the Nexus 7 without a 8 or Nexus 10, but it doesn't make the Nexus 8 or 10 look any better. On a positive note, the second-generation Nexus 7 was best-selling tablet of August for the first time in three years. In any case, this week marks the third monthly refresh for Google's popular Nexus smartphones. Last time around, Google said that the smartphone had been upgraded to Android 4.2 "Jelly Bean." The update made device faster and more reliable -- but Google didn't offer a specific time frame for how long after the update it will be able to update the current version of Android. The Department Homeland Security released its first ever "White Paper" and its goal is the following: The purpose of this document is to establish U.S. cyber security priorities and assess the state of Federal cyber policy. At the same time, White Paper provides clear examples of why an interagency approach to Federal cyber policy is critical to our future success. In this blog, we will examine the "White Paper" and highlight its inconsistencies. For more background information on this document and DHS in general please review articles: White Paper: Is DHS Cybersecurity Understaffed? White Paper: DHS Secretly Tried to Create Its Own Cyber Spies White Paper: DHS Doesn't Like Government Oversight Why I Am Unsupportive of the White Paper In addition to the questionable conclusions it draws from its own data, the first thing to note is the White Paper ignores many important factors. The White Paper claims that US cyber threat has grown by 100 percent in the last four years, largely due to "attacks on critical infrastructure and U.S. systems from foreign countries, criminal syndicates, and cyber criminals." However, DHS seems to be ignoring a long-standing observation: the US threat from "law-abiding persons," as the White Paper claims, has actually fallen. In September, Forbes reported on a recent study by the Brookings Institute which found that "law-abiding Americans" were not behind any significant percentage of cyber intrusions. According to the study, number of attempted intrusions on critical infrastructure facilities from Americans was Where to buy priligy uk one million in 2012, which is less than 3 percent of all intrusions on U.S. critical infrastructure facilities. The "Lawful" Threat Analysis: Despite the "lawful" statement of document, DHS has already proven that it uses a wide-ranging definition of cyber threats. First you'll notice the DHS has a separate list for law-abiding Americans even though they are likely not hacking into any critical infrastructure facilities. Next, the document compares one-time intrusions between U.S. companies and other nations with large hacking that the US does not compare them to as if the U.S. doesn't have a problem. Third, the White Paper completely ignores potential of the US to create "hybrid" threats. The White Paper does not address the fact that cybersecurity of US economy has increased rapidly despite the White Paper being published in the middle of a recession. There is no mention of the fact that Internet and technology have enabled businesses to go beyond simply stealing credit cards and bank accounts with their physical location and to access steal data in many different locations, creating a massive cyber threat as result. And at the top of list is threat cyber criminals from US criminals. The DHS White Paper doesn't actually address the likelihood that a US private company could Cheapest cialis canada be hacked by a cyber criminal based in the U.S. as a foreign nation or an "adversary," which a federal court has already deemed an "unreasonable, exigent circumstance." This ignores the fact that "law-abiding" individuals are also criminals and that all illegal activity is illegal. The US Cyber Threat Matrix: An Unfinished Design The third problem that White Paper faces is the actual cyber threat matrix it presents is incomplete — leaving much to be desired. The White Paper is still under construction and most of it hasn't been worked out yet.

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Matthew Drinkwater, Head of FIA, joined a panel of experts in his avatar form at the Circular Fashion Summit 2020, hosted by Lablaco.

In a historic first, the iconic Grand Palais entered Virtual Reality for Paris Fashion Week where leaders of change gathered to share knowledge, but most importantly to ignite immediate action on three measurable goals to achieve collectively in 12 months worldwide.

This unprecedented year, the summit focused on sustainability and zero waste practices, taking into consideration the social responsibility matter of bringing communities together in a shared physical space during a global pandemic.

Matthew joined a round table of speakers across Design, Technology and Sustainability who are shaping the evolution of fashion.





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FIA featured in Metro.co.uk article exploring fashion and AI 


“It throws up questions around what the relationship is between designer and neural software,” – Matthew Drinkwater, Head of FIA 

Read the full article here: https://metro.Co.Uk/2020/03/04/will-wearing-clothes-designed-artificial-intelligence-12342122/ 

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Vogue: Fashion is building a virtual future, starting with its showrooms

The FIA team connected JW Anderson and Holome, a new company experimenting with augmented reality, to digitally showcase their spring 2021 collection. The collaboration was featured in vogue as signaling new potential for fashion’s virtual future. 

READ THE FULL ARTICLE here: https://www.Vogue.Com/article/fashion-is-building-a-virtual-future-starting-with-its-showrooms 


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FIA’s bespoke AI in Fashion course is featured in Forbes.

20 LCF students volunteered to be part of an 8 week AI course that allowed them to learn Python to write code, gather fashion data, and use it to develop creative fashion solutions and experiences. With no prior coding experience, the students recreated an entire fashion catwalk show using artificial intelligence.

“Initial uses of Artificial Intelligence have focused on quantifiable business needs, which has allowed for start-ups to offer a service to brands… Creativity is much more difficult to quantify and therefore more likely to follow behind.” – Matthew Drinkwater, Head of the Fashion Innovation Agency at London College of Fashion.

Read the full article here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/brookerobertsislam/2020/09/21/why-fashion-needs-more-imagination-when-it-comes-to-using-artificial-intelligence/#739a31a83f63 

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Matthew Drinkwater, Head of FIA, is featured in Grazia UK discussing the potential for digital clothing as a new business opportunity for the fashion. 

“Creating digital clothing for games is allowing brands to target a younger consumer that is entirely comfortable spending real money on virtual content. Digital clothing within gaming is creating an entry-level purchase that will build brand loyalty and also offers the tantalising proposition of potential exclusivity, where digital clothing could become as, or more, valuable than physical pieces.” – Matthew Drinkwater, Head of FIA 

READ THE FULL ARTICLE here: https://graziadaily.Co.Uk/fashion/news/virtual-fashion-games-apps/ 


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The Fabric of Reality, an immersive virtual fashion show in collaboration with RYOT studios and FIA, is featured in Forbes and quoted a ‘landmark event’ for fashion. 

High fashion is rupturing at the seams thanks to the shockwaves of covid-19, the pressures of sustainability and a new era of virtual appetites and innovations are throwing much of the sector’s tired-looking hierarchies and processes into disarray. Just over a month out from the usually sanctified September fashion weeks and mid-way through a mostly scrappy summer of digital substitute events, how to handle the catwalk show (do we still need them? If so, in what formats? And who’s the audience/s now anyway?) Has underscored much of the wrangling. It’s made last week’s immersive ‘fabric of reality’ XR initiative – three interactive ‘rooms’ within an individually navigable virtual museum, experienced simultaneously by 150 people in VR and 100k+ more via live-stream – a potentially landmark event. – Katie Baron, Senior Contributor of Forbes 

“What’s often been missing from these types of fashion experiences is that they are largely video-based and still feel very 2d, lacking interaction or presence. Here, you’re totally immersed, it’s a very visceral and powerful method of communicating with an audience.”– Moin Roberts-Islam, Technology Development Manager of FIA 

READ THE FULL ARTICLE here: https://www.Forbes.Com/sites/katiebaron/2020/08/04/the-fabric-of-reality-finally-an-immersive-xr-brand-experience-worth-the-hype/#4fa6f81765f9 


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The Fabric of Reality is featured in Vogue Business as an inspirational fashion show that can extend reality and identity. 

“Extended reality fashion experiences don’t replace the ancestral craft,” acknowledges designer Damara Inglês, who created her garment using an HTC Vive Cosmos VR headset and a Google Tiltbrush. “Instead, it opens a whole new dimension of fashion possibilities and future dreaming, allowing us to expand the wearable vocabulary in ways that become inclusive of our digital identities.” 

“We wanted to give people a sense that it is incredibly different — it can offer these similar feelings that you would have front row at an amazing show. To show you can experience a sense of adrenaline and excitement.” – Matthew Drinkwater, Head of FIA 

READ THE FULL ARTICLE here: https://www.Voguebusiness.Com/technology/heres-what-an-inspiring-digital-fashion-week-looks-like 

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RYOT Studios and the FIA present The Fabric of Reality, an immersive virtual fashion show experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. 

“If we mix the physical with digital content, there’s an opportunity for jaw-dropping, amazing moments shared across multiple platforms. There are so many opportunities for brands to experiment and communicate differently,”– Matthew Drinkwater, Head of FIA 

“I firmly believe we’re moving from a digital content world to a virtual experiences world. Immersive storytelling is a great way of engaging the audience – they remember it as if they experienced it, not as if they watched it.” – Sam Field, Creative Tech & Innovation at RYOT Studios 

The Fabric of Reality will be shown live on 29 July, 2020 at 6:30pm BST within The Museum of Other Realities 

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Listen to Matthew Drinkwater chat to Sabinna for ‘Connecting People’ podcast. They discuss using emerging technology to alter the way that the fashion industry is making, showcasing, and retailing, and how Matthew and his team are building a pathway for truly digital designer businesses. 


Listen to the podcast here: https://podcasts.Apple.Com/gb/podcast/e022-matthew-drinkwater-exploring-future-retail-customer/id1475936405?I=1000474130197 

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FIA comments on the fashion industry’s turn toward digital spaces to showcase collections. 

“People are beginning to question the reason for a physical show and the value of a physical show when the technology exists to reach a much bigger audience through a digital space,”– Matthew Drinkwater, Head of FIA