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Artificial Intelligence

Unveiling the Future of Fashion Design: Announcing Collaboration with Haiper AI

The Fashion Innovation Agency and Haiper AI are exploring how Artificial Intelligence can be used to transform static fashion sketches of models/garments into animated videos. Together, we aim to explore a new model of showcasing fashion illustration design for the industry.

Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovation Agency, is a globally recognised authority in cutting-edge technologies and their integration into the creative sectors. “Generative AI is going to empower an entirely new generation of creatives. Tools like sketch to animation will allow for new pipelines, easier iteration and new pathways into the creative industries. It’s incredibly exciting to partner with the outstanding talent at Haiper on such an important project and to further demonstrate the potential of Artificial Intelligence within Fashion.”

Moin Roberts-Islam, Technology & Innovation Manager of Fashion Innovation Agency, finds this trend empowering. He is an innovator at the intersection of fashion and technology, boasting extensive experience in collaborative ventures in these fields. Moin believes that this tool will empower both professional designers and aspiring students to quickly realize their creative concepts, “providing more lifelike visual outputs to accompany their initial designs, potentially leading to new creative directions that would never have been explored otherwise”.


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