We’re experts at initiating creative collaborations

We work at the crossroads of fashion, retail and tech. From partnering the most exciting designer talent in London with the very latest fashion tech start-ups, to creating ground-breaking brand collaborations and consultancies across fashion, retail, lifestyle, cultural and digital industries, the Fashion Innovation Agency has the expertise to help designers and brands innovate their intellectual property assets and meet new global business opportunities. Harnessing London’s globally recognised reputation as the world’s leading creative fashion capital, we focus on pairing brands with unrivalled access to unique talent in fashion, the arts and popular culture. The Fashion Innovation Agency identifies uncharted areas in the marketplace, allowing brands of all kinds to create, innovate and collaborate.

We connect the brightest talent with established global brands

Prestigious global fashion houses and brands in the luxury high-end sector have benefited from creative inspiration and the introduction of new and exciting collections within their brand portfolios. We work with a diverse range of clients, understanding their needs and future goals and connect them with the best designers to realise these aspirations.

We seek out new avenues of consumer engagement

The Fashion Innovation Agency initiates and provides high profile innovative designer collaborations on behalf of global luxury and contemporary apparel brands, FMCG brands, artists and celebrities. Our designers deliver compelling design solutions, adding value to the brand partner’s products. By pairing designers and brands together, the Fashion Innovation Agency allows both to exchange resources, meet their objectives and engage consumers in a unique and exciting way.

We believe in the power of long term relationships and creative networks that drive change. It’s more than just creating new products – its introducing new streams of revenue through sustainable brand positioning, whilst generating the best PR, media coverage and visibility for the brand. We strongly believe that collaboration drives innovation and creativity fashions change. The Fashion Innovation Agency invites you to work with us.