Step into the Metaverse with Real-Time Motion Capture

Ready Player One: Now you can step into the Metaverse and move your avatar in real-time, directly into a virtual space.

The Fashion Innovation Agency and Move.Ai worked with Outernet London to create an immersive experience that allows users to move in real-time through virtual worlds. Streamed on the Outernet’s 60-foot-high Ultra HD screens, these technologies came together at an intersection of fashion, avatars, gaming and immersive experiences.

Move.Ai and the Fashion Innovation Agency Present Real-Time Motion Capture with Outernet London.

This project demonstrates digital fashion in a virtual cityscape world, modelled by a performer in real-time. FIA’s Creative Technologist built the virtual environment using game engine technologies.

Move.Ai’s markerless motion capture system extracts natural human motion without the need of a motion capture suit and retargets that data onto an avatar rig that can be taken into any game engine or virtual environment. This project demonstrated Move.Ai’s newest feature: Real-time motion capture in any environment using smartphone cameras. For this project, the performer’s movements were retargeted onto FIA’s avatar, which was dressed in digital garments from the FIA virtual wardrobe.

"No motion capture suit, just your movement, in real-time, directly into a virtual space. You’re not controlling an avatar with a cursor - this is YOU, your movement, in real-time. So whilst we’re still a way off the full Ready Player One vision, things are heading that way."

Matthew Drinkwater
Head of the Fashion Innovation Agency at Head of London College of Fashion, UAL

"Capturing movement in real-time allows digital entities to behave realistically and according to human input. This is a start to curating meaningful and intimate movement for diverse audiences worldwide!"

Costas Kazantzis
Creative Technologist, Fashion Innovation Agency at Head of London College of Fashion, UAL
Blending physical experiences with digital activations will bring us closer to a true Metaverse – just like Ready Player One.
At the Outernet, visitors can walk among gigantic 8k screens, offering a vision of the future where digital content is omnipresent and truly immersive. An entertainment district devoted to immersive experiences, the Outernet’s giant Ultra HD screens creates the experience of being inside a virtual world.

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