Creating Open Worlds for Fashion

LCF postgrads created digital fashion experiences using Yahaha Studios platform to explore how the fashion industry can use interactive online experiences.

Using industry partner YAHAHA Studios as a model tool and platform, this collaborative challenge investigated how the fashion industry may use interactive online experiences like digital showrooms, virtual fashion experiences, and gamified campaigns to forge a presence in the digital world.

LCF Collaborative Challenge Team B Project Concept Video: Irem Copuroglu, MA Fashion Design Management Qian Huang, MA Fashion Design Management Yuqing Lai, MA Fashion Marketing and Global Cultures Yisi Lu, MA Global Fashion Retailing Yuxin Qiao, MA Innovative Fashion Production Jianing Wu, MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion

The Collaborative Challenge is a unique opportunity for LCF Postgraduate students to collaborate across disciplines to address challenges affecting the fashion landscape by engaging with current technologies and industry and academic partners.

For the fashion industry, the fusion of virtual style and fashion in the digital world offers both potential and obstacles. Student groups were briefed to explore Yahaha’s platform for potential creative situations. 30 students from a wide variety of LCF courses participated in the collaborative challenge, including: MA Fashion Media and Communications, MA Global Fashion Retailing, MA Innovation Fashion Production, MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion, MA Fashion Artefact, MA Fashion Design Technology

Yahaha is a low-code game creation metaverse platform where users can build communities and play games combining virtual and real-world elements.
LCF’s student groups utilized Yahaha’s creative studios to creative fashion concepts including branded digital club environments, virtual fashion networking events, and open world concepts with mini games and digital fashion showrooms. Students presented virtual demos, businesses cases and interactive campaigns to academic partners and Yahaha, the collaborative challenge industry partner.

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