Creating a Metaverse at London Fashion Week

models on stage at world's first real-time augmented reality fashion show
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World's First Real-Time Augmented Presentation Brings Lucasfilm Into Fashion

Guests were taken on an immersive experience, witnessing the global debut of LiveCGX, ILMxLAB’s performance-driven digital augmentation technology. They saw the digital transformation of not only the venue itself, but also the garments from Steven Tai's AW18 collection, transporting them to the designer's hometown of Macau - the inspiration for this collection. The audience was mesmerised as the environment slowly transitioned from Durbar Court within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to Downtown Macau with neo street-signs and smoke, to the tropical Macau jungle.

setting up for the Steven Tai mixed reality fashion presentation in Feb 2018, Fashion Innovation Agency
Working closely with Steven Tai on his London Fashion Week showcase, this collaboration marks the culmination of a 2-year exploration between FIA and ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm’s immersive entertainment division, for the potential application of immersive technologies within the fashion industry.

Hosted by the GREAT Britain Campaign at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, audiences saw a digital "virtual" model, driven in real-time by a motion capture performer and ILMxLAB’s unique LiveCGX technology, interacting on stage with a number of other live models. This represents the first step towards a new type of live performance, one that connects real-time visual effects and human-driven expression. Where traditional shows can sometimes last only moments, this presentation engaged an audience of 1,000 people, with many staying for the full 2 hour duration.

“Immersive technologies are leading us to a new narrative for the fashion industry. Imagine a world where you can augment everything from the clothes that you’re wearing to the environment that surrounds you, in real-time. That is the glimpse into the future that this technology offers us. LiveCGX will force us to redefine what we experience in fashion today, allowing for creative possibilities where we are limited only by our imagination. We are thrilled to bring this experience to life at this incredible venue with the support of the GREAT Britain Campaign,”

Matthew Drinkwater
Head of Fashion Innovation Agency
models on stage at world's first real-time augmented reality fashion show
Man and woman looking at a screen showing digital augmentations

“Fashion is about’s about representing a concept, to sell a dream, or just selling an idea that is close to the designer’s heart. Having a digitally augmented presentation this season allows us, and our guests, to achieve and experience things beyond our physical possibilities.

Steven Tai

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