Microsoft’s Tools for the Next Generation of Fashion Creators

Microsoft and The Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA) at London College of Fashion are working together to empower the next generation of fashion creators.

FIA has developed best-in-class examples of key technologies that fundamentally alter the course of the fashion industry: 3D photography; avatar creation; 3D video and mixed reality; and artificial intelligence. With these tools, fashion creators forge a path towards a future where fashion and technology seamlessly intertwine, are accessible to all, and unlock new worlds of possibilities.

Microsoft x FIA Generative AI Catwalk
3D PHOTOGRAPHY: How designs are captured and framed are part of a piece’s story and Microsoft technology empowers FIA to tell those stories.

Using photogrammetry, FIA scans physical pieces, recreating them digitally and enabling them to be placed in immersive environments. This new dimension of fashion content creation revolutionises the fashion industry. With advanced algorithms that translate physical to digital, one fashion shoot provides endless possibilities.

FIA’s creative technologists use generative AI to explore new aesthetics and environments. With thoughtful prompts and commands, creators can explore styles and generate new and unconventional fusions of styles, generating breathtaking fashion imagery that blends realities and pushes creative boundaries.


3D video and mixed reality allow us to attend fashion shows from anywhere in the world, in a completely new way. With a HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset, the runway comes to you. This type of technology allows more people to experience all the magic of a fashion show, but in a completely reimagined way.

DIGITAL AVATARS: Technology helps us to take self-expression to heights previously limited to our imaginations.
FIA puts this into practice through the use of digital avatars, which allows them to experiment with different digital outfits just as stunning as the ones created in person. Creating these avatars starts by capturing photos of models in 3D and then using software to rig, animate, and essentially bring the avatars to life.

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