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Vogue Business: What an inspiring Digital Fashion Week looks like

The Fabric of Reality is featured in Vogue Business as an inspirational fashion show that can extend reality and identity. 

“Extended reality fashion experiences don’t replace the ancestral craft,” acknowledges designer Damara Inglês, who created her garment using an HTC Vive Cosmos VR headset and a Google Tiltbrush. “Instead, it opens a whole new dimension of fashion possibilities and future dreaming, allowing us to expand the wearable vocabulary in ways that become inclusive of our digital identities.” 

“We wanted to give people a sense that it is incredibly different — it can offer these similar feelings that you would have front row at an amazing show. To show you can experience a sense of adrenaline and excitement.” – Matthew Drinkwater, Head of FIA 

READ THE FULL ARTICLE here: https://www.Voguebusiness.Com/technology/heres-what-an-inspiring-digital-fashion-week-looks-like 

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