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AI in Fashion

Even though AI has been around for several years now, the application within the fashion industry is still fairly limited. This workshop is aimed at anyone wanting to learn how AI can be applied within a fashion context. In particular to enhance creativity, to develop collections, to enhance product showcasing, and to also improve trend forecasting.

Key learnings:

  • Exposure to empirical research and real-life case studies in order for participants to consider the potential for AI, and be able to make an informed decision around its application
  • Exposure to the mechanics of AI in order to develop a sound understanding of the technology: its history, functionality and potential, as well as its limitations
  • Explore the possibilities of AI application across the fashion industry, including how it may influence current processes and practices to become more sustainable.
  • How AI can help enhance creativity
  • How AI can assist in providing a more rounded omnichannel offering and assist with a greater global reach
  • The ethics of artificial Intelligence

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