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What if your digital replica could be your own personal stylist?

FIA introduce digital human stylists (DHS) of the future—that will transform the way we interact with our clothes, with huge implications for the fashion industry. Powered by Microsoft AI, IoT and natural language processing, it can understand what’s in your wardrobe, what’s in your calendar, where you’re going, allowing personal recommendations that are visually and verbally communicated back to the user within your own home.

Digital Human Stylist - FIA x Microsoft x Reactive Reality
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Moin mesh
The Digital Human Stylist is brought to life through Reactive Reality’s scanning technology, which produces realistic avatars that respond to voice commands.

It can be interacted with via a mixed reality headset such as the Hololens 2, a tablet device or mobile phone. Each DHS is customized to a user’s body and style preferences, with outfit recommendations based on pre-scanned 3D garments stored in a user’s digital wardrobe. This allows for more creative and appropriate day-to-day styling choices, as well as streamlining decision-making around new purchases leading to more sustainable consumption.

Technology has now evolved to the point where you can create a photorealistic scan of your body within 2 minutes, using just the camera from your mobile phone, and then you can interact with your avatar using natural speech via any device. Making this technology so accessible democratises virtual try-on and makes it a real possibility for anyone.

Moin Roberts-Islam
Technology Development Manager
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Having a digital human stylist has given me a glimpse of how I will interact with my clothes in the future. No more time wasted trying on physical garments and discarding them because they don’t look right - my digital stylist considers my day’s events, showing me outfit recommendations in seconds.

Lisa Chatterton
Business Manager

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