Sadie Clayton x The Fabricant x CLO

Sadie Clayton a fusion artist, who explores the creative boundaries between art, technology and fashion experienced every designer’s nightmare when a fraudster posing as an editor of Dazed Media, stole several garments, worth thousands of pounds, under the pretence they were for major magazine photoshoots. She was not the only victim.
During the course of discussions with CLO Virtual Fashion (3D Fashion Design Software Company), the team at London College of Fashion’s Innovation Agency (FIA) spoke to them about what had happened and started to devise a project to help recreate Sadie’s lost designs. They worked closely with Sadie to reconstruct her garments digitally, with incredible detail, using their 3D garment simulation software.

The FIA team then took these digital reconstructions and enlisted the help of the Fabricant, a company specialising in digital fashion design and animation visualisations, who took CLO’s 3D assets (of Sadie’s original designs) and applied a digital simulation, photo-real textures and embroidery to fully bring them to life through several animations.

This technology enables designers to create their designs with more freedom to experiment with different cuts, colours, fabrics and trims, reducing the time and expense required for creating multiple samples to get the right look. Designers can create their collections with details that are so realistic, they could approach buyers with these visual assets and ultimately become more sustainable by only creating the pieces that are going to sell. Designers also have the ability to use this technology to display their 3D garments in numerous ways in a simulated environment, allowing them to create retail surroundings and review the big picture by merchandising their collections within a real-life setting.

  • Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovation Agency comments:
  • “Recreating Sadie’s stolen jacket digitally demonstrates the power and potential of virtual fashion. We are entering a new era, where the way in which we create, consume and express fashion is being transformed. Digital showcasing and archiving are the first steps towards a much larger vision we have for the future of fashion.”
        • Kerry Murphy, Founder & Creative Director of The Fabricant comments:
        • “Through this project we wanted to show the capabilities of digitisation to envision fashion in a whole different sense. Using only a few photographic references we visualized an extremely complex embroidered bomber jacket in high-detail and brought it to life in the virtual realm. As it now lives solely in the digital space, the possibilities with it are limitless.”
      • Sadie Clayton, Designer comments:
      • “I can’t think of a better way to find the silver lining in what was a devastating experience. Fashion and technology have always been deeply connected for me and I always want to push the boundaries of how to bring the two together. Working with CLO and The Fabricant teams we have fused the 2 in a unique way. Whilst drawing much needed attention to the dark side of fashion, this project also drew the fashion eco-system one step closer to a sustainable way of working which will make a real difference at many levels.”
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