Martine Jarlgaard x Provenance x A Transparent Company

Fashion Innovation Agency  collaborates with Martine Jarlgaard, Provenance and A Transparent Company to demonstrate how blockchain technology is changing the future of fashion.   

This exciting project highlights the role of blockchain technology and how it can increase transparency in the fashion industry by tracking the journey of raw material through the supply chain, and finally to finished garment. Martine Jarlgaard showcased her blockchain-tracked garment at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit on 11th May, 2017 as the world’s first garment using technology to substantiate product provenance from raw material to finished product.

Registering and tracking items on the blockchain via the Provenance app, this project followed the production of garments made from sustainable alpaca fleece, from shearing at the British Alpaca Fashion farm, to spinning at Two Rivers Mill, through to knitting at Knitster LDN, and finally to Martine Jarlgaard, at the designer’s studio in London. Users are able to scan the NFC-powered label on the garment to see its journey through the supply chain. Powered by mobile, blockchain, and open data, the Provenance platform gathers and stores publicly accessible, decentralised and secure supply chain information, presenting them in a format consumers can understand. It is the most robust method for supply chain traceability ever invented, existing to enable greater business transparency and brand trust. By assigning each garment a unique digital token, Provenance verifies every step of production, creating a digital history of verified information that combines location data, content and timestamps into an interface consumers can access via the garment’s smart label.

This technology has the potential to forge greater trust in businesses along a fashion supply chain, enabling each supplier to provide consumers access to information about the materials, processes and people behind products.  With the ever increasing demand from consumers for transparency, this is a positive development for the fashion industry.

Watch our behind the scenes short film here where we visit each stage of the supply chain process and talk to Martine Jarlgaard, Neliana from A Transparent Company and Anila from the Alpaca farm:

Martine Jarlgaard, Founder of Martine Jarlgaard London: “Vision, ethics, accountability and education – these are the most important ingredients for change, laying the foundations of a sustainable future for the fashion industry. Blockchain technology and the Provenance platform is a step in the right direction, and will help make sense of the massively complex and often secretive processes which make up the supply chain. Full transparency and traceability becomes a stamp of approval allowing consumers to make informed choices with no extra effort.”

Matthew Drinkwater, Head of the Fashion Innovation Agency: “We’re constantly looking at emerging technologies and how they might be applied within the fashion industry. We want to change the future of fashion.”

Jessi Baker, CEO and Founder of Provenance: “Until now, centralised data systems were the only way to power traceability for materials, to ensure trustworthy data. Blockchain disrupts this by changing how we track the journey of things, and powering a system that everyone in the supply chain can be part of.”

Neliana Fuenmayor, Founder of the A Transparent Company: “ Bridging new technologies to fashion is key to accelerate positive change in our industry. Blockchain technology has great potential to take transparency in fashion to the next level, by providing trustworthy data for brands to feel confident and future-proof.”

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