Fyodor Golan / Nokia

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Nokia has partnered with exciting design duo, Fyodor Golan, for London Fashion Week, to create the world’s first interactive skirt made up of Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphones. Head of Fashion Innovation Agency, Matthew Drinkwater initiated the idea and introduced the phone company to the emerging designers.

“This is the first step in blurring the lines between fashion and technology, I’m excited to see how we can further develop and integrate the two fields to enhance the catwalk experience. Working in collaboration with Nokia, Kin and Fyodor Golan has produced something genuinely spectacular and the FIA is looking forward to building on this thrilling collaboration.” – Matthew Drinkwater, Head of FIA.

The innovative skirt was designed by the Fashion Fringe winners and created by Kin and uses static pictures captured by the phone, or live feeds to the 80 screens that adorn it – allowing it to change around the wearer and their day.

Annie Kearney, Nokia Brand Lab said: 

“This unique project is about exploring the possibilities of smart technology and fashion coming together, as well as support new talent to create something special using the beautifully designed Nokia Lumia 1520.”