Fyodor Golan / Microsoft

Fyodor Golan Microsoft

Building on the success of last season’s Nokia skirt, Microsoft and Fyodor Golan collaborated yet again to combine smart technology and fashion to reinvent the catwalk show. By combining images captured live on the Lumia 830 smartphones to augment style and mediate reality with advanced CGI technology, the show was projected in real time onto screens within the catwalk- merging fashion and smart technology to connect the audience with the modern collection.

The app, custom made for Windows Phone 8.1, captures imagery from the Lumia 830’s 10 MP camera viewfinder in real time, and within less than a second, runs a script through Nuke, (the same CGI software used in Avatar), to project onto a four meter pyramid in the middle of the runway. The CGI mediated the image as the model proceeded down the catwalk, filtering it with Fyodor Golan inspired colour pallet and print imagery.

Fyodor Golan said:

“Our S/S15 season collection is an expression of modernity and youthful romance in the digital age. We wanted to translate fast-paced visual language onto ready-to-wear items that translate that vision and showcase vividness and energy. The Lumia 830’s design aesthetic and stunning camera technology was the perfect partner for capturing the collection in a revolutionary way.”

The Collaboration which was initiated by the Fashion Innovation Agency, pushes the boundaries of fashion and technology coming together to inspire creativity in art and design, and follows on from Fyodor Golan’s interactive smart skirt, which was made entirely of Lumia 1520 smartphones to adapt to the wearer and their environment, and bring the physical and digital worlds together.