Casely-Hayford / XOO Belt

XOO Belt

In another successful collaboration introduced by the FIA, British design house Casely-Hayford have teamed up with Nifty, a Manchester based hardware start-up to create a tech-powered belt that charges any mobile device and up to doubles battery life.

Hidden within are multiple layers of cutting-edge flexible battery, a first of its kind in wearable tech. Ultra safe and unreactive, completely invisible and clocking in at 2,100mAh of power: enough to fully charge an iPhone 6, and then some. Works with both microUSB (e.g. Android) or Lightning cable (Apple) devices. Made with fullgrain leather, polished zinc buckles and an innovative ratchet mechanism it was designed as a wearable that’s actually a pleasure to wear.

The product launched on their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on 18th November. With guidance on materials and manufacturing provided by the quintessentially British brand, XOO are set to launch three more styles of the product which will go up on the crowdfunding site on 25th November.

Joe Casely-Hayford OBE comments:

“What interested me in terms of this project is the idea of fusion between design and tech making a product which seamlessly assimilates into an everyday wardrobe, rather than a cliché techie kind of gizmo which is a kitchen drawer product.”

Founding CEO of Nifty, Piers Ridyard said:

“We were sick of our phones dying by dinner time. A first-world problem but, nonetheless, a really big pain point. The XOO Belt takes away that pain, whenever you need it and wherever you are. Not just a standard tech product but a really nice product that solves a really big problem really well.”

To read more about the belt and support the launch click here: The XOO Belt