The Fashion Innovation Agency, Superpersonal and HANGER present the first “Head-Swapping” Fashion Experience at London Fashion Week.

During London Fashion Week in February 2019, the Fashion Innovation Agency collaborated with artificial intelligence technology pioneers Superpersonal and London-based fashion brand HANGER to showcase a world’s first experience of “head-swapping” at a live fashion presentation.  Selected members of the audience were able to see themselves wearing Hanger’s latest collection, “Season 9 – High Altitudes”, in the video being projected behind the live models, without ever having physically worn the garments in real life or being involved in the filming process.

Prior to the presentation at London Fashion Week, this group of participants were invited to create a head scan via the Superpersonal app, by filming a 15-second clip of themselves slowly rotating their heads.  This footage was then used to analyse their face shape and features, and this data was then used to “face swap” these individuals into the HANGER fashion film (matching the most appropriate body shape from the six real models that were filmed), with the skin tones adjusted accordingly.  This technology allows the participants to believably visualise themselves wearing the collection and provides brands with an intimate personal experience where the customer can become the hero of the story.


This collaboration creates a multi-platform, multidisciplinary event for London Fashion Week, showcasing the future potential of utilising artificial intelligence and visual personalisation technology to bring customers into a brand story, either in video advertising, or even in brand newsletters and online content, using one short selfie-clip as source material.  This technology makes it very simple for customers to virtually try-on items when shopping online, allowing them to see how they would look in items that they might not ordinarily dare to wear, or items that there might be limited access to for a real-life try-on experience.

“Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are going to have a profound impact, not just on the fashion industry but society at large. We are thrilled to begin to show some of the extraordinary opportunities these technologies can bring. The collaboration with Superpersonal and HANGER will create a compelling, surprising and thought-provoking immersive fashion experience.”
– Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovation Agency

“We had the pleasure of collaborating with HANGER and the wonderful team of the FIA to create a truly cutting-edge experience. We love HANGER’s forward-thinking ethos and couldn’t hope for a better partner to explore the limits of our innovation, which brings the user in the centre of the dialog with the fashion brand.”
– Yannis Konstanidis, CEO of SuperPersonal

“Superpersonal was the perfect tech match to allow us to realise the full potential of our ideas for Season 9. Collaboration is key to HANGER’s practise; this season sees us move deeper into our conceptual and tech-focussed agenda, with support from Superpersonal.”
– Claire Yurika Davis, Co-founder and designer of HANGER

London Fashion Week’s first Head Swapping Experience – Watch Below:

Superpersonal x Hanger x FIA from FIA London on Vimeo.

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