Head of FIA featured on Sky News (Swipe)

sky news fia

Matthew Drinkwater who heads the Fashion Innovation Agency, was recently interviewed by Sky News’ Gemma Morris for an edition of Swipe titled ‘How Technology Is Revolutionising The World Of Fashion’. The 13 minute episode looks at various different ways in which technology and fashion have collaborated to come up with innovative ways of production and display likeĀ 3D printed jewellery, flying dresses and digital skin.

The Nokia skirt unveiled at Fyodor Golan‘s AW14 show earlier this year was the prime topic of discussion. Comprised on 80 Lumia 1020 handsets, the skirt was designed by the Fashion Fringe winners who are also supported on the New Fashion Venture scheme by Centre for Fashion Enterprise since 2013. FIA was instrumental in introducing the talented designers to Nokia and project managing the collaboration. See the full episode here.