FIA featured in Forbes Article: Accelerating the Future of Fashion: Creatives Deliver Much-Needed Tech Disruption – Brooke Roberts Islam, 18th June 2019.

“What London College of Fashion does have is the Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA)—a facet of its Business and Innovation service that brings creatives and technology heavyweights together to hack and hypothesize solutions for fashion creation, promotion, and sales. LCF also has a Digital Learning Lab that lends technical and developer support on such collaborative projects. Crucially, the collaborations that the Innovation Agency orchestrates place creative and disruptive criteria ahead of commercial, providing scope for unbridled ideas that most agencies couldn’t (or wouldn’t) have a stab at. The FIA provided an industry “sense-check” throughout the three-month collaboration in order to shape the students’ ideas into industry-relevant solutions.”

– Brooke Roberts Islam
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