FIA features on Business of Fashion

FIA Fashion Innovation Agency Business of Fashion

This week, Susanna Lau of Susie Bubble fame, interviewed head of Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA) Matthew Drinkwater for her story in the Business of Fashion. The article explores how students and designers alike are increasingly collaborating with brands and retailers “to earn valuable experience and build their profiles”.

While commenting on the nature of collaborations, Mr Drinkwater said:

“We’re seeing desire at both ends of the spectrum. There are brands that have specific requirements and want to work with designers who are showing on-schedule and are more established. Then, there are other brands that are looking to push out a different message. For those with their corporate social responsibility (CSR) hats on, there’s a desire to give back. They’re also looking to engage with newer and younger audiences. They work with young designers to create aspirational messaging. You also get beautiful product. [Desginers are] at their most creative at college and not inhibited because of commercial restraint, so you’re getting fresh and incredible ideas at this early stage.”

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