Martine Jarlgaard London X DoubleMe


For Spring/Summer ’17, the Fashion Innovation Agency have been working with luxury brand Martine Jarlgaard London and technology company DoubleMe to explore the possibilities and deliver a ground-breaking mixed reality fashion show.

Unlike virtual reality which isolates you from your environment and transports you to another, mixed reality uses a headset with a clear viewing lens, allowing you to see and move about naturally. The technology displays the collection superimposed into the presentation space, appearing solid, real and lifelike. This new way of experiencing a collection makes an exciting change from the usual catwalk show etiquette inviting the audience to explore the collection from all angles.

The showcase at the prestigious W Hotel was part of the official digital schedule for London Fashion Week in September 2016. The potential for this technology is exciting and this project marks the first steps of discovery for its use in the fashion industry.

By bringing Martine Jarlgaard London and DoubleMe together, we have been able to showcase how technology can provide the fashion world with a new showcasing platform. Follow us on Twitter @FIALondon and Instagram @fashioninnovationagency to find out about our new projects.

Martine Jarlgaard London comments:
“Technology, from mixed reality to 3D printing, will redefine fashion and has the potential to become the most significant engine of change in the quest of a more intelligent, sustainable and ethical approach. Virtual presentations will become instantly viewable worldwide, even on smartphones and tablets. 360 degree navigational control will enhance the experience and democratise the fashion show. It will leave you in control.”

Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovation Agency comments:
“The potential of mixed reality to transform the fashion industry is huge. From creation to showcasing and retailing, this medium will have a profound impact on the way brands and designers will connect to their consumers. This collaboration is an exploration into a new approach to showcasing that removes the barrier between physical location and the audience and challenges the concept of a traditional fashion show.”