HoloMe x RIXO London

Why just talk, when you can teleport?

With the unstoppable rise of technology and social media, the way people communicate has developed rapidly over the past decade, but augmented reality is set to skip the evolution and bring a revolution in communications technology.

HoloMe Technologies Limited, a tech startup founded in London, is using augmented reality and computer vision to digitally teleport users anywhere, anytime. Once a person is filmed, they are automatically processed and sent to another user’s smart phone as a life-like human hologram.

Company CEO and founder Janosch Amstutz believes this will alter the way we stay in touch:

“We are unboxing the way people communicate with each other digitally. Until now, digital communication has been encased into rectangular screens which causes a disconnect between communicators, we want to open up this to new possibilities.”

Their newest collaboration with London College of Fashion’s Innovation Agency and world-renowned fashion label, RIXO London, provides an exciting new avenue for the use of holograms for digital marketing and sales in the fashion retail sector. The company created an augmented reality catwalk, showcasing life-sized holograms of models adorned in pieces from RIXO London’s new season collection, granting users a front row seat to their own personal fashion show, on demand, in their living room. As new designs become available, the platform allows users to receive and project them with their smartphones. The entire experience creates an exciting and innovative new medium for online fashion retail. For any press enquiries for HoloMe Technologies please email Casey Fung casey.fung@holome.co.uk

Matthew Drinkwater, head of the Fashion Innovation Agency at London College of Fashion: 
“Augmented Reality is going to change the way that the fashion industry creates, showcases and retails its products.  The year ahead will see an explosion in opportunities for this immersive technology to totally redefine what we understand as fashion today. We’re excited to collaborate with HoloMe and RIXO London to demonstrate yet another use case for AR in fashion.”

Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey founders of RIXO London:
“The technology that Holome are producing is going to have a profound effect on how we can showcase our collection to our customers. As a young brand, we are thrilled to be involved with this at such an early stage and be so immersed in the development of augmented reality; our e-commerce platform is such a crucial part of our brand and having this addition will bring it to another level we wouldn’t have been able to imagine possible.“

About RIXO London:
Combining the young Creative Directors’ own names, contemporary womenswear label RIXO was founded in 2015 by London College of Fashion alumni Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McClosky. The 20-something-year-olds’ love for all things vintage led to the best kind of friendship and ultimately, the birth of RIXO. Now stocked on Net-a-Porter — as well as many boutiques around the world — RIXO is shooting for the stars and has no plans of falling short. For press and marketing enquiries for RIXO London please email Thalia press@rixo.co.uk

About Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA):
The FIA is part of London College of Fashion, UAL with a remit of creating a new digital fashion ecosystem. Technology is breaking down the doors of the fashion industry and seeping into every

element of, what was, a very traditional business model. The Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA) are experts in working with emerging technologies to help designers and brands change the way they make, sell or show their collections. As part of London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, we are on a mission to rewire the industry and build truly digital designer businesses.

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