HoloMe x LCF


London College of Fashion’s Innovation Agency, FIA, collaborated with augmented reality pioneers, HoloMe, on a behind-closed-doors project at the start of London Fashion Week 2019, to create the world’s first real-time augmented reality fashion show. Traditionally, AR experiences rely on pre-recorded content being superimposed into real world settings, but this project allowed a select number of users around the globe to view an AR catwalk experience live, as the show was actually taking place.

The catwalk show in question was LCF’s MA19 Womenswear Show, held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster, on the evening before London Fashion Week kicked off. 10 MA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear graduates presented their final collections to an audience of press and industry professionals, themed on the changing future of fashion, inspired by the urban environment of the capital.

In line with this future-gazing vision, the FIA’s collaboration with HoloMe captured streaming footage of the models against a “green screen” backdrop prior to stepping out on the catwalk, providing an opportunity to a select test group to view the MA students’ collections from almost anywhere in the world, in real-time, via HoloMe’s mobile app. This technology could soon allow designers to share their collections with a wider audience than just those at their chosen show venue or those watching a live video stream. It can now give brands the ability to bring their catwalk models into your immediate environment as an AR experience, so that you can view the collections as though they were right in front of you, as events unfold.


“Live-streaming Augmented Reality experiences creates so many exciting possibilities for the fashion industry. We are just at the beginning of what will be a transformative process for the way that people consume and experience fashion and we are thrilled that London College of Fashion is at the forefront of this new era.” Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovation Agency at London College of Fashion.

“We are happy that everybody is beginning to see immersive technology as the powerful communication tool it is. Using consumer devices our live-streamed photorealistic solution can connect story-tellers direct to global audiences in a medium of which has never been possible. We are very excited to see how creatives and content producers will use the tech to drive new and emotive experiences to provoke new conversations.” Janosch Amstutz, Founder of HoloMe.

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