Bringing Style to Fashion Tech and Wearables

On the eve of London Fashion Week, the hype surrounding ‘wearable tech’ has reached fever pitch.

Technology companies are reaching out to fashion designers like never before. Their need to engage and energise a fashion-conscious audience is as evident as the requirement to elevate product design to a credible, cutting-edge level.

The fashion-tech projects that we lead here at The Fashion Innovation Agency are changing the way that designers create, show and sell a collection. The typical Fashion Week model is being disrupted and technology is leading the catwalk into an exciting new era.

This season we have worked with Richard Nicoll, Disney and Studio XO to create a capsule collection inspired by Tinker Bell. The pieces, made in collaboration with leading London Fashion Laboratory Studio XO, include a stand-out technology dress, complete with fibre optic fabric that is activated by high intensity LED’s tailored within the dress to create a magical digital pixie dust effect down the catwalk. This ultimate, modern take on Tinker Bell and her signature pixie dust is the pinnacle of this innovative and exciting collaboration between one of the UK’s most celebrated designers and one of Disney’s most-loved characters.  It will be a stepping stone to designers genuinely using hi-tech materials within their collection as a matter of course, an integration that is seamless without standing out as the’ jarring tech-piece’.

We have also been working alongside Microsoft and Fyodor Golan on a concept to combine smart technology and fashion to reinvent the catwalk show.  By combining images captured live on the Lumia 830 smartphones to augment style and mediate reality with advanced CGI technology, the show will be projected in real time onto screens within the catwalk – merging fashion and smart technology to connect the audience with the modern collection. It will be a ground-breaking, truly immersive experience that will change the way that we perceive and consume a fashion show.

The heated debate over the future of catwalk shows will continue apace but what is clear is that both designers and technology firms are benefitting from experimenting at Fashion Week. The results are proving exciting and we’ve only just scratched the surface of what is possible. Fascinating times ahead…